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Our concrete polishing pads are used for honing and polishing concrete and other materials to a lustrous shine. Diamond polishing pads are designed with evenly embedded diamonds throughout the matrix to provide a brilliant finish with efficient, long-lasting design. The polishing pads you'll find below are designed for removing scratches and grinding marks in order to prepare the stone or concrete for polishing. We also carries a full line of other concrete polishing supplies, more of which you can find below. 

Leading Diamond Tools offers a full range of diamond polishing pads to get the job done right the first time. We have developed a complete range of concrete polishing supplies to cover the full range of equipment and applications in the concrete flooring industry. We offer various configurations in concrete polishing tooling to get the best performance and shine, from handheld polishers to the heaviest machines on the market.

Leading Diamond Tools has perfected its line of Resin Hybrid and transitional-style bonds, each offering its own characteristic. Our products are extremely efficient at removing scratches and creating high shine in the fewest number of steps. Leading Diamond Tools offers a variety of configurations with different surface areas able to be used on most machines. Leading Diamond Tools' high-quality Velcro and color-coding system ensure magnificent durability and easy grit identification. You won't be disappointed by Leading Diamond Tools' line of concrete polishing supplies. Browse our products now.

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