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  • Diamond Polishing Tools

  • Diamond Polishing Tools

  • Diamond Polishing Tools

  • Diamond Polishing Tools

Diamond Polishing Tools

Diamond polishing pads for granite, marble, engineered stone, concrete, terrazzo, travertine, and more.

Product Description

Choosing the correct polishing pad is very important when it comes to your application. Whether it is for stone fabrication of granite, marble or other natural stone or concrete restoration, Leading Diamond Tools has you covered.

Wet Polishing Pads

  The faces of polishing pads are designed with straight or curved slots, so they could be bent or distorted freely. They are backed with loop Velcro so they could be attached to any of backer pads very easy. They are used for fabrication of marble, granite, ceramic, and other hard and fragile material, as well as non-iron metal. They are widely used to polish stone, porcelain profiles, tile floors, all kinds of table-boards and stone sculptures.

  Their working layer thickness is 2.5mm, 3mm or 4mm

  They are suitable for hand power machines with the power is 750W to 1500W that run up to a speed of 2000-7000 rpm.

  Flexible polishing pads attach to the Flexible back-up pads are used for grinding profiles or concave or convex surface as well as flat surface of stone, while attach to the rigid backer pads are perfect for grinding a flat or level surface like floor.

  The process procedure: the operator sticks the flex pad on a back-up pads and screw into Arbor of a grinding machine, and then brings to bear some pressure to the machine to grind stone surface for five times come-and-go, at the same time, the operator must infuses water into the backer pad continuously during the operation.

  Then, the operator should change a finer pad. The grits of pads are from #50, #100, #200, #400, #800, #1500, #3000, and #5000 to white/black buff in turn. According to the stone's quality and operator's experience, it could be cut down or save some positions of pads. White buff is used for light color stones and black buff for dark color stones. Each of grit is easily distinguished by different color of Velcro and the grit mark on the pad.

  They are worked by water fed during the operation, so they are also called wet pads.


Diamond Hand Polishing Pads, Diamond Sheet and Belts.jpg

Dry Polishing Pads

Some special floors (e.g. hotel's stone floorboard) are not allowed to work by wet, so the dry pads are used. Ordinarily, the dry pads will not cause burning and pigmentation because of using the special resin to make the surface of pads intenerated and pealed off as well as to avoceid too hot on the surface of stone.

They are excellent for marble polishing. They can be used by wet as well.


Diamond Hand Polishing Pads, Diamond Sheet and Belts.jpg

Floor Polishing Pads

  They are designed for floor polishing machines to polish or restore or maintain for the floor of marble, concrete, terrazzo, granite. They are backed with Velcro, can be mounted on a rigid backer pad to fit on any floor machine. The high thickness provides extended life.

  Our resin-pregnant diamond Metal chips floor polishing pads, available from #30, #50, #100, to #200, are for quickly remove stock with durable life. This is a vitally important innovation in diamond tools industry.

  Our high concentration of diamond resin floor polishing pads from #400, #800, #1500 to #3000 are made from heavy-duty resin with high quality diamond powder.

  Using our set of floor polishing pads you can make the floor glossy finish perfectly.

  They are available in wet and dry on request.

  We have many kinds of rigid backer pads; they are bakelite baker pad, aluminum backer pad, aluminum and rubber composite backer pad with female threaded 5/8-11" or M14 and availble with other threads on request.

  Available in 3" to 16" diameter, thickness from 5mm to 10mm on customer request.

  We have sintered cup wheels; they are designed to initially shape the floor of concrete, terrazzo and granite.

  Customer Logo printed is available on request for volume order.


Diamond Hand Polishing Pads, Diamond Sheet and Belts.jpg

Semi-Metal Grinding And Polishing Pads


Electroplated of Diamond Polishing Pads

  Electroplated of diamond crystals on a flexible cloth with dot matrix or a special pattern, they are mainly used for dry polishing. They are available from grit #60, #120, #200 to #400.

Metal bond Polishing Pad

  Sintered metal bonded with Rubber backer pad backed applied to quickly remove stock. They are available from #30, #50, #100,#200 to #400.

Resin-pregnant diamond metal chips polishing pads

  For improving the efficiency to quickly remove stock and for increasing the durable life of pad set significantly, we creates resin-metal-bond polishing pads, available from #30, #50, #100,#200 to #400, available both by wet and by dry.

  They are made with pregnant diamond metal chips with unique resin bond. They are heat compressed into a mould.

  This is a new kind of high capability pads. They can be applied to excellent fabrication of marble, concrete and granite . They are welcomed by our consumers with very much interest.


Diamond Hand Polishing Pads, Diamond Sheet and Belts.jpg

Snail-Lock Line Polishing Pads/ Edge Polishing Pads

  For use in mechanical edge polishing machines or floor polishing machines with fitment designed to accept snail lock backed pads. 5-7mm thickness of resin bonded diamond with a rubber cushion between the polishing head and backer to absorb vibration. We also offer a M14 or 5/8-11 to Snail Lock backer to convert the 100mm, 125mm and 150mm pads for use on standard hand held polishers. Available in 100m, 125mm and 150mm.


Diamond Hand Polishing Pads, Diamond Sheet and Belts.jpg

Diamond Polishing Drum Wheels 

  They are used to polish inside radius such as undermount sink holes. They are much easier than diamond polishing pads to use when polishing inside radius. Wet polishing will generally result in better shine and also the tools will last longer. With M14 or 5/8-11 thread. 

Wet diamond polishing drums can fit on most polishers and variable speed grinders. There are 8 different grits including 50 grit, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000 grit and buff. We offer both 35mm and 50mm wet diamond polishing drums.

Recommended speed: 1800 - 3500 RPM

Dry diamond polishing drums are designed for DRY polishing inside sink cut-outs or radius for granite and marble. Lasts much longer than silicon carbide paper discs, and longer than conventional dry polishing pads which tend to wear out easily for radius polishing. They will give a perfect polish. Great for situations where water can not be used.


Daimond Polishing Drums.jpg

Diamond Hand Polishing Pads, Diamond Sheet and Belts

  Hand-held flat and profile polishing pads are foam backed for polishing on the surface of marble, granite, ceramics, glass and hard composites. Flat pads are for for polishing plane and the Profile pads are allowed for easy polishing the profile shapes or the areas that are hard to polishing by machines. They are good at edging or seaming polishing.

For the coarser grit pads are electroplated diamond on flexible cloth and foam-backed, available in the grits# 60, #120, #200 and #400.

For the finer grits, they are resined diamond on flexible cloth and foam-backed available in the grit #800, #1500 and #3000.

Daimond Polishing Drums.jpg

Back-up Pads

  The backer pads are hook Velcro backed, they accept polishing pads with Velcro loop backed. We have rigid backer pads made from Bakelite, Flexible backer pads made from rubber, extremely flexible backer pads made from supper quality rubber. Our extremely flexible backers are great for ogees.

  Flexible backer pads are used for grinding profiles or curves surface of stone while the rigid backer pads are for grinding plane or floor.

  All the backer pads are ideally suited for all kinds of machines with Arbor 5/8"-11 threaded or M14 threaded. It is available on request upon a specific drawing of customer in any diameter and height requested.

Available in 2",3", 4", 5", 6", 7" and 8" diameter.

Snail Lock Adapter

They are made from bakelite or rubber with hook Velcro backed, they accept polishing pads with Velcro loop backed. Available in 4", 5" and 6" diameter.

We also produce polishing pads with a snail lock adapter.


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