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  • Concrete Grinding and Polishing Tools

  • Concrete Grinding and Polishing Tools

  • Concrete Grinding and Polishing Tools

  • Concrete Grinding and Polishing Tools

  • Concrete Grinding and Polishing Tools

  • Concrete Grinding and Polishing Tools

  • Concrete Grinding and Polishing Tools

  • Concrete Grinding and Polishing Tools

  • Concrete Grinding and Polishing Tools

  • Concrete Grinding and Polishing Tools

Concrete Grinding and Polishing Tools

We manufactures a broad range of high quality diamond tools for the surface preparation industry. You will find a wide variety of segment configurations and options in metal tooling, resin products and PCD diamond tools that are available to fit just about every machine on the market.

Product Description

  Leading Diamond Tools is proud to offer a complete line of high quality concrete grinding and polishing tools for the surface preparation, concrete polishing and construction industries. We provide customers with premium products at competitive rates. 

  Our wide selection of concrete grindingpolishing products include Bush Hammer, PCD tools, Metal bond tooling, Hybrid bond / Semi metallic / Ceramic bond transitional pads, Resin bond polishing tools, Burnishing pads and Edge polishing diamond tools.

Prep-Removal Tools


Bush Hammer

  Bush ammer tools create a bush-hammered profile on concrete, & ideal for use on exterior spaces and creating anti-slip surfaces. They also work great for removal of coatings when prepping the floor for epoxy application.

  These aggressive concrete texturing tools can be used on any most of the grinders on the market. Bush hammers are not recommended for use with high rpm machines, such as LAVINA propane machines. typically, you should use bush hammers with no more than 700 rpms.

Resin Bond Polishing Pads.jpg

PCD Tools

  PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) tools are designed for aggressive stock and coating removal. Please note that the PCD tools are directional specific and you should check the direction of rotation of your grinder heads.

  Full round PCD is designed for long life and aggressive removal of epoxy, elastomeric, and other coatings. 

  The 1/4 round PCD is an excellent choice when removing heavy coatings. The design and positioning of the PCD without a wear bar scrapes the thickest of coatings aggressively and gets the job done in a fraction of the time. This is the more agrresive of the PCD Series.

  PCD chip is designed for removal of thin mil and abrasive coatings. Chunks of PCD are embedded in the segments creating a very coarse grit. 


PCD tools WITHOUT Sacrificial bars or metal bond segment are the most aggressive style and will leave a very coarse profile on the concrete underneath. These are suitable for removal of:

• Thick mastics and glues

• ¼” Thick Parking Deck Membranes

• 30 mils and up Epoxy Coatings

• Thick Elastomeric Membranes

• Any coating with silica sand broadcast mixed in


PCD tools WITH Sacrificial bars or metal bond segment are designed to remove coating over a surface equal to a troweled surface and will not damage the concrete. The sacrificial bars or the metal button act as a stabilizer and depth guide, and reduce the gauging of the floor caused by the aggressive pcd segments. These tools are suitable for removal of:

• Medium to thin mastics or glues

• Failing epoxy coatings (30 mils or less)

Resin Bond Polishing Pads.jpgTrapezoid Grinding Plates

  Trapezoid grinding plates products are designed for the surface preparation, concrete polishing and construction industries.

  Two bar double segments diamond concrete grinding shoes for grinding or polishing concrete surfaces. Double segment grinding shoes are great and deliver fast grinding speed for aggressive concrete cleaning, smoothing, and coating removal. Two bar are available in segmented pads. You can also choose soft, medium, or hard bond and grit sizes from 6 to 400. They are used with floor grinding machines for all types of concrete. Dry use or wet use.

  Trapezoid diamond wings available in a number of configurations to get you the right diamond tooling for your machine and application. Configurations include single segment, double segment, arrow segments.


Resin Bond Polishing Pads.jpg

Grinding Pucks and Plugs

  Grinding pucks and plugs are designed for all purpose grinding on a wide range of substrates. We offer the following grits 18/20, 30/40, 60/80, 120/150 and 200 grits. 

  These pucks come with multiple hole configurations to fit many machines. These popular designed pucks and plugs in many bonds and designs to cover a wide range of machines in the market. 

  The non beveled segment is excellent for larger heavier machines. 

  The bevel shape enables machines to ride smoothly up and over existing expansion joints while minimizing chipping and reducing stress to machine gears, couplers, and belts. 

  Beveled edge diamonds are also very helpful when attempting to grind without creating noticeable scratch marks on an uneven floor. We will help you find the right bond and diamond surface area to make your machine perform its best.

  The grinding pucks and plugs are available in soft, medium, or hard bond.


Resin Bond Polishing Pads.jpg

10" Grinding Plate / Head 

  10" Grinding plates are the best solution for large areas of thin coating removal, leveling and smoothing high spots in concrete, and work very well for concrete cleaning. Their segments are designed for aggressive grinding of concrete to make short work of your larger projects. These plates are also ideal for the initial steps in concrete polishing procedures.

  To ensure that you have the right grinder and abrasive for the job, consider these important points: the type of coating or other contaminant that is being removed; the PSI of the concrete surface, taking into account the age of the concrete and the geographic location of the job site; the size of the job in square feet; and the power sources available on the job site.


10 inch grinding plate.jpg

Diamond Cup Wheels

  Diamond cup wheels are used for grinding; cutting; polishing concrete, hard concrete, marble, granite, and field stones; and removing paint, chemicals and film, and epoxy coating. Our diamond grinding cup wheels features come in a vast array of styles with arranged segments to produce fast grinding and cutting. Most have large holes to provide more efficient dust collection and to keep the cutting blade cool. Diamond cup wheels have a wide range of uses, from simple form cleanup all the way to concrete polishing, surface preparation of floors, and the shaping of concrete.

  Your application will dictate what type of diamond cup wheels should be used depending on the hardness and nature of the concrete or other masonry materials you are going to grind. If the concrete is hard, the bond of the diamond cup wheel should be soft.  The reason behind it is, diamonds mixed in the matrix are apt to become blunt when grinding hard concrete and the softer bond melts faster eliminating the old worn down blunt diamonds faster resulting in new sharper diamonds beneath to become easily exposed for faster production in grinding and cutting the surface. You should use hard bond if the concrete is softer because diamonds will last longer when grinding softer more abrasive concrete. The harder bond keeps the diamonds longer because the wear is slower so the diamonds are not needlessly wasted shortening the life of the diamond cup wheel.  Our 12seg diamond cup wheel can be used for smoothing, shaping, or beveling.  Our segmented turbo cup wheels, arrow cup wheels, and spiral cup wheels facilitate faster and thorough removal of materials.

  Leading Diamond Tools brings a full range of diamond cups to get the job done right, the first time. Bedrock offers a complete line of diamond cup wheels to cover all of your applications. We have various configurations available to get the best performance and finishes from a wide variety of handheld grinders on the market. We also have designed our own blades that have been proven in the industry to help you get through those tough jobs. We have specifically made our own soft bonded cup wheel for the extremely tough hard concrete that is showing up more and more.

  Leading Diamond Tools offers a variety of styles and configurations to cover you for all your grinding applications and surface preparation needs. Check them out below or call for assistance and a representative will be happy to assist you in choosing a quality blade for your job.


 10 inch grinding plate.jpg

Hybrid bond / Semi metallic / Ceramic bond transitional pads

  Hybrid bond / Semi metallic / Ceramic bond transitional pads will quickly remove scratches left behind by metal-bond diamonds to prepare concrete for polishing. These products will reduce labor costs and speed up production by eliminating steps in the polishing process. Extra long life especially on harder concrete. These products is velcro backed and can be used wet or dry. Transitions between your Metals and Resins in the concrete polishing process. Ceramic Bond Pads continue to be the best performing, longest lasting transitional pad on the planet. These tools remove metal bond scratches quicker than traditional hybrid series tooling and will not build heat during the cutting process which therefore maintains a cooler operational temperature that ultimately increases tool life. The diamond selection process has been carefully maintained providing the operator with pure blend of diamonds without the worry of larger straggler diamonds that create the inconsistent scratch patterns.


10 inch grinding plate.jpgResin Bond Polishing Pads

Leading Diamond Tools is proud to offer a complete line of high quality Resin bond polishing products for the surface preparation, concrete polishing and construction industries. 

Resin concrete polishing pads comes in grit 50# to 3000#, it gives an early shine and tolerates high-heat. Works well on both soft and hard concrete. Works great Concrete, Marble and stones etc. Use wet or dry. Female hook and loop.


10 inch grinding plate.jpg

Scrubbing & Buffing Pads

These products contain diamond abrasives to polish the floor while you burnish. Our technology allows you to polish from 400 – 3000 faster than ever before. Excellent for use in larger scale jobs and industrial applications.


10 inch grinding plate.jpg

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